Wiz Khalifa Officially “Boo’d Up”

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It’s been long speculated that Wiz Khalifa has wifed up Amber Rose.  Although pictures and tweets can only do our assumptions so much justice, it’s become evident over the past few of months that something’s going on between the two – and it’s not platonic.

Wiz stopped by Angie Martinez’s Hot 97 show to promote his latest album, Rolling Papers. Despite his album dropping yesterday, a majority of the interview was focused on Amber Rose.  Wiz Khalifa said, “Yes, I am” when Angie asked if he’s “officially boo’d up.”  “It’s pretty serious…I really, really dig her,” said the Pittsburgh rapper.  He went on to say that people should stop criticizing the age difference in their relationship because they are less than five years apart.

When questioned about Amber’s past relationships, Wiz commented, “that’s just life…individuals grow apart from each another and then they grow with other people.”  He went on to say that he’d never get involved in a situation surrounding Amber and Kanye West.  He added that he feels like he “won” with this relationship, so he doesn’t have a problem with remaining committed.  Angie said they are both free spirits so she could see this relationship working.  It won’t affect his career and that people will eventually get used to it because “at the end of the day I known I’m not going to play myself”

Even though a majority of the interview pertained to his relationship with Amber Rose, Wiz took some time out to say that he’s not addicted to weed.  Angie asked what would happen if Wiz stopped smoking for two days, to which he replied that he would definitely have a mood change, but he’s not addicted to it.

Wiz Khalifa’s Rolling Papers is in stores now.

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