Wiz Khalifa Plans On Taking A Break From Music, Working Towards Expanding His Brand

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Wiz Khalifa is broadening his horizons and making serious career moves. He had a Q&A with Billboard and talked about his new focus: film. Wiz is pushing his music endeavors aside to focus on his collaborative film effort with his smoking buddy, Snoop Dogg. The two are currently working on a stoner comedy called High School.

Besides Rolling Papers, you will probably not hear anything new from Wiz musically. His main focuses center around his tour and this film with Snoop. Wiz explained that he is just trying to expand my brand. Get more people onto what I’m doing, because it’s still new to a lot of people.” He seems to be pretty set in his decision but this could be detrimental to his career, especially since mixtapes were part of his brand. What will be his new brand now? Weed, bad movies and crazy looking hair?

In the interview, he did talk more about High School: “It’s a great buddy film. Snoop’s a cool guy in school and I’m kind of like the nerd. I cover up my tattoos and everything… I didn’t take it all the way there, but my character, you can really see what I’m going through. But it’s tight. You get to see both of us change and learn a lot and it’s good for both crowds. It’s not just a one-sided movie.”

Wow! Definitely sounds semi-autobiographical piece. Along with the movie, the two plan on making a completely original and exclusive soundtrack to the movie.  Snoop and Wiz are currently working in the studio in Snoop’s home. Film isn’t necessarily the way to achieve instant success, just look at 50 Cent. Wiz could be making a bad business move.

He does also say that he won’t be completely absent from the scene. “I’m always recording new music. I was in the studio with Big Sean last night. I think for a minute, I think I’m going to have people be satisfied with features and hold out on projects until it’s time.”