Wiz Khalifa Sits Down With Joe Rogan

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A delightful conversation.

Joe Rogan has asserted himself in pop-culture as the male’s alternative to Oprah. A guy who can have a conversation with just about anyone, about just anything, Joe’s The Joe Rogan Experience podcast has become ubiquitous in the audio realm. From Elon Musk to Kid Cudi, no guest or subject is off limits on Joe’s long-form conversational journeys.

Most recently, Joe sat down with none other than fellow weed- and martial arts-enthusiast, Wiz Khalifa to enjoy a two-hour in-depth conversation.

Starting off on a high note (my apologies for the terrible pun), Joe and Wiz bond over their mutual weed adoration, and Wiz stuns Joe by informing him that he smokes about an ounce a day — a king’s ransom to Joe’s joint or so per day. Joe and Wiz take their love for bud further by sparking up a personal blunt and joint, respectively.

And while discussing the greenery provides engaging conversational fodder, the two ventures outside just this topic to speak on Muay Thai, general health and wellness, and his upcoming documentary, Wiz Khalifa: Behind the Cam.

Check out the full interview below: