Wiz Khalifa Doesn’t Want To Be Put In A Box…

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Wiz Khalifa still out there promoting his debut album Rolling Papers, is now saying that this album is a testament to his growth. Wiz told NOW 99.7 FM’s HoodRat Miguel that he will not be locked in anyone’s box (unless that box belongs to Amber Rose)

“I just been working a lot. Just really finding myself and my own sound and you know putting my diversity out there and not letting anybody put me in a box or let people’s expectations guide what I do,” he said. “Really, just do what I feel and what makes me happy. Even the albums that I put out before, the ‘Say Yeah’s and stuff like that that I did, that was me letting people know that I’m more than just a rapper. I’m making music, I make songs, I’m down to make hits.”

Wiz also talks about how he tries to push himself to be a better musician and have a stronger understanding of the industry.

“I mean, everything that I do, I try to do something different, try to make it different from the last. Really, just the transition has been learning the game, learning how to make other people happy as well as fulfilling all my needs, too,” he continued, noting how he draws inspiration. “It’s everywhere. Just life, in general. Living, interacting with different people, hearing different people’s points of views. You gotta be sensitive to everything around you and just always be inspired. You just gotta be open.”