UPDATED With Video: Wizards Players Pull Guns On Each Other In Locker Room

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NBA all-star Gilbert Arenas and his Washington Wizards teammate Javaris Crittenton got in a dispute in the locker room and both players pulled guns on each other.

The dispute happened on Christmas Eve and started when Arenas didnt want to make good on a gambling debt and Crittenton became enraged stating : “I’m not your punk.”

Then Arenas went for his gun first during the dispute and Crittenton returned with a gun of his own, all while in the locker room.

Neither of the players had ammunition in their weapons when they turned them over to security, so they basically ended up playing themselves using empty guns.

The Wizards issued a statement saying that they take this situation and the ongoing investigation very seriously. We are continuing to cooperate fully with the proper authorities and the NBA and will have no further comment at this time.”

The Wizards are also working with police to investigate how players were allowed to obtain weapons while in the Verizon Center in Washington DC.