XXXtentacion’s Child Bears Striking Resemblance To Late Father

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The child’s mother, Jenesis Sanchez, shared photos of the two-month old.

XXXtentacion’s former girlfriend, Jenesis Sanchez, recently announced that the departed musician’s legacy would continue with the birth of their son, Gekyume. Now, at two-months old, Sanchez has shared photos of their child who bears a striking resemblance to the late X.s

Shared through her Instagram two-days-ago (March 23rd), the side-by-side shots of the infant Gekyume show the child giving an eerily similar look to the ? artist, manifested in the nose, eyes, mouth — the entire demeanor, essentially.

The jury is out (obviously) on whether or not X’s musical prowess will extend to his kin through his DNA, but the physical similarities are undeniable.

Take a look at Jenesis’ picture below: