YBN Almight Jay Opens Up On “Scarred”

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An emotional departure from the young artist’s catalogue.

The YBN crew is an interesting microcosm of the digital generation. A trio of former strangers, the young collective was introduced to each other through online gaming. While they’ve made waves as a collective, they’ve recently been endeavoring towards solo careers. Recently, YBN Almighty Jay continued this pursuit with his new single, “Scarred.”

Reflecting on a breakup, “Scarred” is an emotional divulgence for Jay, showcasing a deeper side to the young artist. It’s a sign of artistic maturation for the upstart, and possibly will beget more introspective cuts to come. Competing with crew members, either directly or indirectly, “Scarred” shows the range necessary to solidify Jay as a formidable artist.

While Nahmir was the first to break, Cordae is regarded as the one with the most artistic depth, resulting in his debut LP, The Lost Boy, getting Grammy-nominated. However, Almighty Jay is keen on developing his solo career and proving why he deserves as much attention as his musical brethren. 

Listen to “Scarred” below: