YBN Cordae Stops By The Breakfast Club

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Speaking on his adolescence, YBN crew, The Lost Boy, and plenty more.

Arguably the most exciting member erupting from the YBN camp, Mr. YBN Cordae, has officially established himself as an industry force with his lucid, endearing debut album, The Lost Boy. A lean offering at 15-tracks, 45-minutes, The Lost Boy operates both retrospectively and contemporaneously, as Cordae dissects how his harrowing past has watered his prosperous present and future. Officially sealing his breakout moment, Cordae recently stopped by The Breakfast Club for an expository interview.

With so much to unpack, and only so much that can be interpreted, Cordae’s interview offers necessary insight into both his past and album, which have a symbiotic relationship as the former heavily influences the latter. 

From discussing his turbulent, nomadic adolescence to the YBN crew’s origins, Cordae cooperatively speaks on a broad range of subjects to help paint the mosaic of his life. A charismatic young man, Cordae presents himself as a humble individual who is grateful for his moment in the sun; he isn’t obtuse, however — he knows how hard he’s had to work to get here, and how much work needs to be done to sustain his success.

Given his talent, resolve, and tenacity, it seems like we’ll have plenty more YBN Cordae albums and interview to enjoy.

Watch the YBN Cordae x The Breakfast Club interview below: