YG Has A Clear, Direct Message On New Single: “FTP (Fuck The Police)”

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The world is in shambles. Yes, the pandemic is disruptive and threatening, but it has an expiration date; rapid testing will become available, we will find a cure, we will discover a vaccine, social normalcy will resume. But the larger issue, one that has plagued America since its genesis, is the continued marginalization of minorities — specifically black people. 

George Floyd’s tragic murder is the most recent evidence of a country’s storied history of systemic racism, but it’s far from a novelty or an isolated incident. This palpable bigotry, this repugnant abuse of power, has become as American as apple pie. Black people have fought tooth and nail for their rights — not the right to be treated better than other citizens or races, but to be treated equally

On this convoluted road towards justice, black leaders have emerged in varying contexts to equip the disenfranchised with a voice. From Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. to Tupac, these civil activists have galvanized the neglected, using their platforms to shed light on what’s often kept in the dark. One of these defiant souls belongs to YG, whose protest music encapsulates the frustration, anger, and pain of minorities. In response to this most recent act of police brutality, the West Coast legend has come through with a powerful, direct song with a clear message: “FTP (Fuck The Police).”

Listen to YG’s impactful new single below: