YG Provides ‘4REAL 4REAL’ Album Update

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Soon come?

YG has been preparing his forthcoming album, 4REAL 4REAL, throughout 2019, dropping off singles like “Go Loko” and “Stop Snitching’.” Originally supposed to drop back in April, it was pushed to a May 3rd release date, which, of course, didn’t happen. However, he has announced a new release date that will, hopefully, come to fruition.

Taking to his twitter, YG wrote, “After this album drop May 24th, I got 1 more album left, Finally bout to be a new man! The Marathon.”

While album delays, understandably so, aggravate the excited fans, YG’s case is different — and justified. Mourning the loss of his dear friend Nipsey Hussle, dropping 4REAL 4REAL in April was too painful for the Cali rapper, who needed more time to grieve over Nip’s tragic passing.

Although YG will forever shoulder the weight of Nipsey’s death, it seems like he’s at least ready to move on in his career.

For now, expect 4REAL 4REAL to drop on May 24th.