Young Buck To Drop New Album…Officially Off G-Unit?

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According to the below video Buck is dropping an album titled The Rehab on September 7th.  50 must have let Buck off the label, because as off November he was still contractually on the G-Unit imprint.  Maybe after the IRS raid on Buck’s home 50 realized Buck had suffered enough.  No shots at Buck, but I doubt this album will do to well.  We’ll just have to wait an see.  I mean it’s a little more than one week out from dropping and this is the first time this rap nerd has heard of it coming out.  Plus Buck needs to drop the Young part of his name. Although I do give Buck credit for admitting he wasn’t taking care of his business.




  1. wow you have not heard of buck droping this album it has been finished for months now, i hopw it does great im buying 2 myself. Buck does need to drop the young though.

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