Yung Bans & Cole Bennett Collab On “Partna in Crime” Video

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A Lyrical Lemonade production.


Cole Bennett, founder and owner of Lyrical Lemonade, and Yung Bans, burgeoning Atlanta-based rapper, have a kinship rooted in mutual music passion, blended through their respective talents: Cole, an innovative videographer and editor; Bans, a melodic artist with a cult fan base. No strangers to collaborating, Cole and Bans have worked together on such videos as “Ridin,” “Dresser,” and more. This past Friday, they added another one to the mix, as they linked for the “Partna in Crime” visual.

Bennett is regarded for tailoring his expansive vision to the featured artist, highlighting their unique personalities with his savvy edits and perspective while still imparting his identifiable signature style. On the “Partna in Crime” joint effort, creative powers merge, a captivating video is born.

Through an array of camera lenses, including an extreme fish-eye angle, animations, and graphics, Cole helps Bans tell the story of his partner in crime — or, his PIC.

Watch the “Partna in Crime” video below: