Alfamega On Snitching Allegations (Video)

 |  July 27, 2009

After watching this, my initial reaction was that I just feel bad for this guy.  Something that happened to him a long time ago has caught up with him to significantly change his life.  One minute he is Grand Hustle’s number one goonie, and the next he is a pariah within his own community.  Ultimately Alfamega‘s main point is that he didn’t snitch on Ali Baaqar, but that he “lied” on him.  He tries to also be real ambiguous about the details, because it’s some street shit which means he can’t talk on it.  That’s either very true, or a complete crutch.  Either way, whether you told the truth on someone, or “lied” on someone the end result is the same.  Ali Baaqar got locked up, and Alfamega got time taken off of his sentence.  I don’t really foresee the hip-hop audience that Alfamega caters to forgiving him for this.  That’s all that really matters.  Also I guess that story about Alf getting caught with a gun and jumping off a building fracturing both his legs is true.  God damn this guy stays catching L’s.



  • gcarlorossi74

    I guess some people r put btween a rock & a hard.All I can say DBD & COS. At least u die with dignity.