So Chris Brown thinks he is a tough guy?  Not to make a cheap shop, but just because you beat up a girl once it doesn’t make you tough.  Plus where did Game come from?  I guess some of his points are valid, but you know you are acting overly emotional when Game is telling you to chill.  Tweets jacked from RR.  I’m going to include the tweets from Round 1 as well to give you the complete twitter beef experience.

Sidebar:  Notice how Frank Ocean pretty much stayed completely out of it.  Well played.




  • Bryant

    fuck that odd future shit niggas need to go somewhere

  • Nwashi23

    Chris wack now days.He on that justin bieber shit XD

  • tess

    this was weak, I have better beefs with Jean Grae check my tl like 3 weeks ago. @erinberger79