After Manny Loudpacks profiled T. Mills in a swag watch, I have been intrigued by the T. Mills wave.  While I initially was reluctant to co-sign his image, I listened to the music…and it was a rap!  This kid is a super star.  Kind of got the same feeling listening to his Leaving Home mixtape that I got when I first heard Wiz Khalifa’s Flight School. Except for the fact Mills is making music that is even more “polished”.

Plus this kid has a real fan base regardless of if he is getting any media hype.  At his show in NYC I literally saw a 16 year old girl steal T’s water bottle from the stage and proceed to take turns drinking out of it with her friends.  Ain’t none of these cool guy rappers have a wave like that.  I’m sorry.

Mills breaks down how how he is genre-less, dealing with crazy groupies/fans, hip-hop heads who may be resistant to his sound, and why he represents youth culture.  Swag on one hundred thousand!

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  • Ruocs

    You are so cuteeeee =p~

  • Ruocs

    i love youu :X

  • Carol

    AAAAAAAAAAAWN <3  so cute *—-*

  • Dizzle101

    hahaha this foo aint hip hop he swears! stupid rich snobbie kidd haahaha!

  • guest

    love it 🙂 hes so real and honest with his answers.

  • Realist

    Hmmm…so is Drake.

  • Realist

    do your fuckin research…. Nikki Minaj went to LaGuardia, a school specializing in music and the visual and performing arts, are u tellin me that because she went to a good school, that she's snobby and ain't hip hop? Cuz I don't know about you, but when this kid was playing in Stockton he had a few artists from Oakland roll through to show support, and if his shit wasn't slappin, they wouldn't have came through for shit. Just sayin

  • biriba

    o pessoal do Brasil queria compreender tambem \:

  • Dizzle101

    this doode doesnt rap about shit hes soo lame i cant believe people actually like this failure he sucks asss! he can go fuck people and get diseases like he once did its true seriously i hate this guy with a fucking passion. EVERYONE WHO LIKES TMILLS THATS SAD!

  • @hightonight

    T.Mills fucking rocks <3

  • NitroDaGod

    sam has once again proven to have the worst taste in music imaginable.  check out “stoopid boy” by this little pussy and and try to last 30 seconds