iHipHop Exclusive Interview: T.Mills…So Hot Right Now…T. Mills

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After Manny Loudpacks profiled T. Mills in a swag watch, I have been intrigued by the T. Mills wave.  While I initially was reluctant to co-sign his image, I listened to the music…and it was a rap!  This kid is a super star.  Kind of got the same feeling listening to his Leaving Home mixtape that I got when I first heard Wiz Khalifa’s Flight School. Except for the fact Mills is making music that is even more “polished”.

Plus this kid has a real fan base regardless of if he is getting any media hype.  At his show in NYC I literally saw a 16 year old girl steal T’s water bottle from the stage and proceed to take turns drinking out of it with her friends.  Ain’t none of these cool guy rappers have a wave like that.  I’m sorry.

Mills breaks down how how he is genre-less, dealing with crazy groupies/fans, hip-hop heads who may be resistant to his sound, and why he represents youth culture.  Swag on one hundred thousand!

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  1. do your fuckin research…. Nikki Minaj went to LaGuardia, a school specializing in music and the visual and performing arts, are u tellin me that because she went to a good school, that she's snobby and ain't hip hop? Cuz I don't know about you, but when this kid was playing in Stockton he had a few artists from Oakland roll through to show support, and if his shit wasn't slappin, they wouldn't have came through for shit. Just sayin

  2. this doode doesnt rap about shit hes soo lame i cant believe people actually like this failure he sucks asss! he can go fuck people and get diseases like he once did its true seriously i hate this guy with a fucking passion. EVERYONE WHO LIKES TMILLS THATS SAD!

  3. sam has once again proven to have the worst taste in music imaginable.  check out “stoopid boy” by this little pussy and and try to last 30 seconds

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