|  March 5, 2009


At last we have a date for the return of Marshall Mathers. Eminem will be releasing his long awaiting album Relapse on May 19th. Now we all know this date is mos def tentative to change, but hey at least we have a date in mind now. Does this mean we will see Before I Self Destruct from 50 Cent in June? We all know Curtis has been saying he can’t drop until Relapse is on the shelves, or will we expect him in early July. Will he and Rick Ross who has had his project pushed back face off in a similar PR stunt to Kanye and Curtis in 2007? So many questions.
The delay on the album was said to be the return to the studio for both Em and Dre who hadn’t recorded together in approximately four years. The over abundance of music created however means that there could be a follow up from the Detroit rapper also this year. That I will believe when I see it as I am happy with just one project for now 🙂

  • Hood Boi

    itz about damn time!!!!!