|  November 21, 2008













People literally have money to throw away it appears. In an ATL club on Weds night boxer Floyd Mayweather allegedly made it rain with over $30,000 of cash and there were plans to make it rain a lil more last night when JD was to get involved. Dreamz nightclub was wall to wall with people waiting to get their hands on the green on Weds and Pure nightclub was expected to be the same last night. Still waiting for my home girl in the A to fill me in on last nights cash give away, hey maybe she struck lucky and got enough cash to escape to the sun for a few days, who knows.
Not really into celebs making it rain, would rather see them put food in people’s bellies and roofs over their heads like the LudaCares Foundation is doing this Thanksgiving once again by helping out 500 families in the metro Atlanta area. Because we all know anyone who has the money to be dressing up and heading to the club on a week night don’t need no charity.

  • Carlito Bragonti33

    Its funny this guy still does this to show he is rich. Hey Mayweather…….We get it…….You are rich!!!! Who cares