In the interest of full disclosure, it’s worth noting that I am not particularly a big fan of this, well, “anti-Southern rap” angle many die hard East Coast rap fans have been pushing on hip hop culture over the last decade or so. (Fortunately because of this bizarre standpoint, we received great tunes like UGK’s “Quit  Hating the South.”) In fact, it goes beyond just fans: Rappers and industry folk share this sentiment as well. But, let’s face it, Southern hip hop has always been popping and it’s a great thing that they’re finally reaping the benefits (critically and commercially speaking.) And yet, you have guys like Ma$e (who is on his, like, fourth comeback in the last six years) pushing some antiquated pro-New York agenda because their career is in shambles. Leave rap music alone, it’s doing just fine. Sit back and enjoy the show. Or, if you’re feeling crazy, peep Ma$e’s (ridiculously titled) “When New York Was New York.” After the jump.

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Berkeley rapper Lil B is no stranger to the media — he’s been documented quite extensively as of late; he’s been involved in some hilarious “beefs” with NBA player Kevin Durant and most recently James Harden. Lil B, however, is also knowledgeable when it comes to politics. And judging from his recent appearance on CNN, Lil B is well versed in current issues as well as his American history. During his brief appearance on CNN, Lil B discussed his support for Bernie Sanders, for Black Lives Matter, and being 100% against cursing Hillary Clinton. Check it out after the jump.

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We know Big K.R.I.T. represents his Southern heritage and wears it proudly on his sleeve. But on this new joint, “Guilty as Charged,” he’s going to Atlanta and straight for that smooth OutKast flow. “Guilty as Charged” is a track that is produced by SupaHotBeats, a production duo of Will Power and Myke Stallone, and is featured on their latest project, Free Game. Listen after the jump.

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Going away to jail is no laughing matter. Getting out and not being able to readjust yourself back into society is even worse. Ja Rule, the once famed early 2000s New York rapper, has been in and out of the system quite extensively over the last decade — he’s been hit with a gun charge back in 2007. As just when things were looking up, in 2011, Ja Rule received an additional 28-month prison sentence for tax evasion. Good news is he’s been out since 2013 (see: pic above) and it’s nice to see/hear he’s in good health. Unfortunately the music he’s putting out could definitely use some jailhouse-like dicipline, for lack of a better word. He’s sharing a pair of new tracks here, in “New York Giant” and “Nah!!” Neither one of these tracks is all that popping, to be honest. Hopefully Ja receives some assistance from notable contemporary producers and writers to bring him back to 100% in this modern rap ish. Listen to both “New York Giant” and “Nah!!” after the jump.

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After what could only be described as a flop with her debut album, Dirty Gold, Angel Haze looks to correct the errors by going back to the always dependable mixtape format. She’s sharing “Babe Ruthless,” the first teaser from the forthcoming mixtape project, which Haze has called her going “super saiyan” (yes, that’s a Dragon Ball reference, folks.) In addition she’s also been quoted by Fader as saying the project is her Tupac-esque “Machiavelli” ish. It’s apt that she’s sharing “Babe Ruthless” as the first track from the tape as it’s her statement — her alter ego. Solid return for Haze. Listen to “Babe Ruthless” after the jump.

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2 Chainz is returning to the mixtape game, folks. That’s right, after a few years of having success in the mainstream, Chainz is back with Trapavelli Tre. It will be out August 13. In addition to “Everything I Know,” the project will feature thirteen other tracks. It will also feature guests Wiz Khalifa, Kevin Gates, The-Dream, and Young Dolph. Check out the Nard & B produced “Everything I Know” after the jump.

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This is perhaps the single worst song I’ve had the displeasure of hearing in all of 2015 thus far. Also, side note: I’ve grown tired of the internet’s relationship with rap music and hip hop culture — this meme stuff has to stop. I know it won’t and don’t get wrong, I don’t mind it, per say — it’s getting out of had. With all the “u mad” and “why u mad” and Drake/Meek Mill memes. It’s a mess. And this song, “Why You Mad,” can be added to that. It’s a Mariah Carey track, from his forthcoming studio album, and it’s produced by the once-acclaimed Detail. Yet the song is utterly terrible and lifeless, and the French Montana, Justin Bieber, and T.I. (huh?) features don’t add anything either. Oh, and this track was premiered by TMZ. Enjoy. After the jump!

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New Music: Jay Rock – “90059”

 |  August 7, 2015


While rap nerds patentily await the inevitable release of Jay Rock’s long-gestating album, the LA emcee is sharing a new track in “90059,” which is the area code for Rock’s Watts neighborhood. Over an eery instrumental, produced by Tae Beast, Rock channels some inner demons as he tears into the track with some chilling rhymes). Hear Jay Rock’s “90059” after the jump.

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Dr. Dre’s new album Compton is officially out today via Apple Music. Inspired by his work on Straight Outta Compton, the upcoming N.W.A. biopic, the album features Kendrick Lamar, Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube, Eminem, and more. Below you can stream the full album, again courtesy of Apple Music. This is Dre’s first album in over sixteen years. Looks as though Detox has been given the shelf treatment once more, which means Compton has some big shoes to fill. Stream Compton after the jump.

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