Album Review: Action Bronson – Dr. Lecter

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This may be a little premature but after listening to Action Bronson’s first LP Dr. Lecter I nominate him for 2011 “Rookie of the Year.”  The Queens native, appropriately deemed the “white Ghostface” reminds you of the Q-borough rap pedigree that put them on the map. Bronson kept it gully on this LP that brought me straight back to the good old days of 90’s rap where I belong.  Bronson brought out his inner chef and served up killer beats infused with his non-stop breathless flow.

From the jump, the Bronsolinho sets the tone of the album.  “Moonstruck” has a perfectly produced beat that sets Bronson up to release his stacked lines and leave you hungry for more.  The next track’s title may look familiar to you (or not).  “Barry Horowitz” was a WWF/WCW wrestler from the 90′s, so seems only fitting Bronson would honor him with a track – and that’s not just because they are both fat. Barry Horowitz was considered and underdog in the wrestling arena, being a fat white ginger in the rap game I’m sure Bronson feels he can relate.  Produced by Tommy Mas, this track has Bronson spitting out methodical word play that will baffle your mind, I think I even heard a Hootie and The Blow Fish line.

The most referenced line though, comes from “Shiraz-” where he ad libs a phrase I’ve never heard in any rap before, “Is that prosciutto?” Not to over shadow another line in the song which quickly became my favorite– “heavy-bearded like I’m Jesus” and rocking “Fila jumpsuits, sandals”

Other tracks you can find Bronson’s humorous word play in the title as well as within the song named include “Larry Csonka” and “Chuck Person” (both named after famous athletes) featuring Meyhem Lauren, Shaz illyork, & Ag Da Coroner. Throughout the album you can find features  from his Outdoorsmen Crew and Queens brother-ins Meyhem Lauren, Matthew Ragazino, Shaz illyork, Ag Da Coroner, Fonda & Machine. The track “Jerk Chicken” combines Bronson and Meyhem Lauren into a Bob Marley influenced Jamaican beat without losing the NY grittiness, it’s hard to go wrong with that combination.

Before the release of the album Bronson said, “You’re not gonna hear catchy hooks, I’m not gonna be doing any dances along to my songs, and I don’t have any hidden agenda,” he promised, “I’m just here to bring good music to the people for your enjoyment.” Bronson stayed true to his word from beginning to end. One of the last tracks, “Get Off My P.P.” in addition to the greatness of the name the tone, vocabulary, and delivery make it one of my favorite tracks on the album. After listening to the album in its entirety, I’ve decided that Action Bronson is the closest thing I will get to getting a time machine back into the 90’s era of great gully rap so in my opinion the album definitely deserves your $9.99.



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