Album Review: J. Wells- Digital Master 2.1

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j-wells-article_phixr1For those unfamiliar with J. Wells, [Click to read interview] the producer, (and sometimes rapper) has names like Keyshia Coles, Kurupt, Goodie Mob, and Planet Asia on his production resume.

When it comes to the people who do know his work, they should also be aware of his latest project, Digital Master 2.1.

Putting his beats on display for fans and potential clients, J. Wells also has artists like Snoop Dogg, WC, Kurupt, Da Brat, Estelle, Mack 10, and Rah Digga participating in his new musical venture.

J. Wells goes it alone on ‘Exhale’ taking care of all the MC duties with lines like, “160 on the dash in the Benz/all I’m tied up like Crash at the end” which is accompanied by a beat that’s only fault is being too short.

From there, he takes a backseat, and allows other artists to get acquainted with his material.

‘Already Famous’ gives off an Atlanta feel production-wise, as it features Da Brat, Kurupt, and Mister.

Da Brat has been missing in the public eye lately (probably due to her legal troubles), but she proves that she’s still handy with a pen and pad, “I go hard like Demi Moore/I’m G.I. Jane/one in the chamber/one in the trunk/one under the bed frame.”

Hip-Hop’s favorite uncle, Snoop Dogg pays a visit on ‘All My B*tches, and by the name of the title, it doesn’t take a genius to know what the subject matter consists of. J. Wells switches up the tempo on ‘You Don’t Love Me’ featuring Estelle. Going away from the harden drum kicks, the beatsmith adopts more of a soulful/groovy backdrop for the songstress from across the pond to show off her vocals.

Former Flipmode Squad associate Rah Digga shows she can still hang with the boys over the piano-driven ‘Brand New’; while J. Wells provides WC with a funkadelic/gangsta sound on ‘We Don’t Give A F*ck’ to keep the veteran MC in his element.

Other songs digitally mastered are ‘Gotta Have That’ featuring Big Gipp from Goodie Mob, the R&B driven ‘Ticket’ featuring Doll Phace—while the emptiness of ‘Not No More’ featuring J Ro from Tha Liks could have been deleted from the playlist.

J. Wells shows his versatility on Digital Mater 2.1 by being able to work with MC’s and R&B singers, as a true producer should—and as he continues to perfect his craft, hopefully it won’t be long before he’s mentioned amongst the game’s elite players, and this album is a step in the right direction.

Rating: 3.0



  1. i can’t believe how young this kid is, and how he has achieved all his musical glories. with the right material and artists, this kid could surpass Jay-Z. Could, but Jay-Z is still the demigod of producers.

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