Basic People Do Basic Things…The Public Ending Of A Public Relationship

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This Joe Budden guy is funny.  I’m convinced he just does this for the theater of it all.  Who actually dates these vixen chicks?  Not to be judgmental but who legitimately wants to wife up a chick that is professionally pretty.  Who thinks to them self that the chick who objectifies her self and goes out to hang out with people merely for what they represent is wifey material?  But those chicks sure do make for nifty dramatic songs over Frank Ocean beats and interesting NYC hip-hop morning radio chatter.  Now don’t they?  Well played Joe Budden.  I think Anglea Yee chick knows the deal.  Hoes be winning.

Sidebar:  What does putting everyone’s business out there accomplish?  Basic people do basic things.  Never forget that.

Joe Budden “Ordinary Love Shit pt.3 (Closure)”


Joe Budden On The Breakfest Club Exposing Esther Baxter’s Hoeish Ways

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