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betbetOnly this month the MTV show TRL was canceled, now it looks like BET’s Rap City is the next show to go from the Viacom owned station. I can’t lie the show did pretty much fall off after Big Tigger left but still, if we were home we would be tuning in. Wonder how long it will be before Terrance and Rocsi are claiming unemployment?


  1. thats that bullshit rapcity can work with somebody else and to be honest niggas just need that booth fam. shit niggas like myself dream to go in that booth man. and spit lava. they dont need viacom. go with another company. and trl fell off too. you know why. carson daly aint there. he got his own show and shit. thats crazy how they talking about kicking bet off air. thats really that bullshit when niggas get they shit together and all of a sudden they want to change shit.

  2. Terrance and Rocsi suck. Rocsi has no class and Terrance is an Uncle Tom ass nigga. I hope they cancel all these nigga shows so that young black people have to do something else with there time like maybe pick up a book and learn something other than the new nigga tunes!!!!

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