Tyler, The Creator vs. MTV

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Apparently MTV won’t be playing Tyler the Creator’s “She” because it did not meet the corporate guidelines that MTV/Viacom have established. Tyler has decided to show his outrage via twitter.

I Am So F*cking Bummed Out. F*ck Man. Really MTV?

So, As Most Of You Know, VMA Is On My Goal List, Simply Because I Like Directing Sh*t

But I Just Got Word That MTV Can’t. Play SHE Because Of Some F*ggot Sh*t

We Would Have To edit A Bunch Of Bullsh*t Out For A Video That Was Less Aggressive That YONKERS, Which They Played.

Like: Cant Say Honey Dip, No Supreme, Jasper Cant Hump Rock, Cant Sniff, Cant Say “1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Is The Bullets”, And Other Bulls*t

Im Really Sad. I Worked So Hard On That Video, Thought A Corny Teen TV Spoof Would Be Ok To Get What I’ve Been F*cking Wanting But F*ck No

Maybe That F*ggot A$$ Bruno Mars Bitch Will Get One For His Creative A$$ Video.

The Club Scene, Car, F*ggot rave Videos Are F*cking Awesome. F*ck It Tho

I’m Happy They Even Considered HAving It On, At Least YONKERS Made It, So I Still Have A Chance. VMA Soon. Thank @mtv

Fuck. I’m Really Bummed Out.

But Sh*t, They Allow 16 Year Old F*cking Sluts That Take Dick Deep And Have F*ggot Kids On TV For 30 Minutes? Fuck.

I’m Not Changing Sh*t. I Do And Make What I Want


  1. Im completely suprised by this move by mtv! they play every type of satanic/illuminati music out there including all sorts of debauchery. Tyler is average at best, this might be a calculated move to just up the exposure of the video online among kids who seek to rebel.

  2. So mtv will show “yonkers” on sunday mornings but not “she”.. ON YEAH THAT MAKES SENSE…WTF?!

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