B.G. & Cory Gunz Sign To Cash Money Records

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Cash Money may have lost Weezy for the next 8 months, but that’s not stopping the label from moving full steam ahead. They’ve added former Hot Boy B.G. back to the label that got him his start, in addition to Cory Gunz.

Although money squabbles in the past between B.G. and Birdman put a rift between the rapper and the label, B.G. claims he’s a better business man now and won’t let such things happen again.

It was also recently announced that young rapper Cory Gunz is joining the Cash Money family and was signed to Young Money. The announcement was made during one of Weezy’s final Ustream’s, where he says:

“Shout out to my n*gga Cory Gunz, about to be the newest member of the Young Money team.”

This was a wise move for Cash Money, being as how Cory is one of the best unsigned hypes out there, but we’ll see how this move plays out for him.

It seems like the Cash Money megatron is coming together again and maybe that Hot Boyz reunion is a lot closer than some may have thought.

Everyone just needs to stop getting locked up first…


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