What Is Eminem Trying To Accomplish?

 |  June 3, 2011


As you should know by now Eminem is dropping a project with Royce Da 5’9″ called Bad Meets Evil: The Sequel on June 14th.  This will be Eminem’s third commercial release in less than two years.  Eminem is one of the most revered figures in hip-hop culture as well as in popular American culture in general.   He is also a very financially successful artist who seems to enjoy his privacy.  So why does he keep forcing out material?  After yesterday’s display of forced bubble gum pop rap, I had to throw my hands in the air!  This isn’t Eminem!  This isn’t the guy that inspired millions of America’s rebellious youth!  This isn’t the guy that was on some f*ck the world type sh*t!  This was a guy that was allowing Jimmy Iovine’s Illuminati (to his credit Jimmy has the best Illuminati in the business) to manipulate his brand for $$$.  To be honest, I don’t know if I can respect that.

Hey, we gotta get paid.  Trust me I get that.  Eminem doesn’t just have to worry about Eminem, he has a team of people and businesses that depend on him.  I’m sure that can be a tremendous burden to carry.  But you are telling me that he has to rapidly drop projects that are potentially devaluing his overall brand to support those entities?  I don’t think so.  I mean it’s getting to the point that major corporations are building whole marketing campaigns behind him.  Not only that but those campaigns are leading to profits for those corporations.  That is sooo f*cking boss to me.  Not many people can say they single-handedly got a failing American car company back in the black.  Points like that make me really scared to write posts like this.

However, it’s because of this iconic status that I don’t think the guy needs to be doing this project.  It’s to the point where Eminem is #DeeperThanRap.  Last time I checked we don’t expect three projects from Madonna or Paul McCarteny in two years.  Why?  Because it doesn’t make sense.  Eminem is a creative person.  He is going to make music.  However, I just think he may need to live more in the glory of classic material.  He has A LOT of it.  Marshall has so much phenomenal material he probably could tour off of it for the rest of his life and not even get too bored.  As crazy as it sounds maybe operating a little bit more like Paul McCartney & Madonna would be a good look for Em.  Eminem came from nothing, and was able to make who he is and what he represents into a highly valuable commodity.  But there is a reason that it ended up that way – because he went about things in a particular way.  I just hope that isn’t something he has lost grasp of.