Blueface Enlists Cardi B on The Latest “Thotiana” Remix & Video

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A Lyrical Lemonade production.

Blueface’s viral anthem, “Thotiana”, has reached peak level of ubiquity; it cannot be escaped. Whether you’re thumbing through the various “Bus down” memes on IG or hearing those distinct offbeat vocals on the radio, Blueface is, on his own terms, becoming a fixture of sorts. This proliferation isn’t only the product of social media flooding and catchy lyrics–Blueface has received countless co-signs from respected figures who are enamored by the Famous Cryp.

Kendrick Lamar told Jeff Weiss of the Los Angeles Times in an interview that he respects Blueface because “He’s dope. He’s got his own style an I can appreciate that.” Drake sent the 22-year-old rapper encouraging words over social media, saying that he loves his tracks “Next Big Thing” and “Dead Locs” and is looking forward to eventually collaborating. Lil Uzi Vert is also a fan. In a business of who’s who, everyone who matters seems to be humming the same two words, “Blueface baby!”

But as validating as glowing opinions can be, at the end of the day, they are still words–actions will always speak louder, especially when it comes to co-signs. Taking her support to the next level, Cardi B has recently hopped on the second official “Thotiana” remix–the successor the YG-assisted one.

Released in conjunction with a Cole Bennett-directed video, the second Lyrical Lemonade x “Thotiana” production, the amended version features Bennett’s signature quirky edits, Blueface’s labored crip walk, and a classically coarse Cardi B addition, resulting in over eight-million-views in less than two-days. While Blueface proudly reps the crips, the “Thotiana (Remix)” video acts as a peace treaty between bloods and crips as Bardi is drenched in red throughout the video.

Now that Blueface can proudly boast a Cardi B feature, gasoline has been recklessly poured all over his professional fire. His presence cannot be denied, his name has saturated the scene. Everyone is saying “Blueface baby!” Blueface, in all of his infinite idiosyncrasies, is here to stay.

Check out the Cardi B-featured “Thotiana (Remix)” video below: