Breaking: Hov Releases Freestyle For Barneys Deal Critics

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We were waiting on Hov to make a statement to the press about his ill-timed deal with Barney New York for their holiday collection, as the clothing outlet has fought allegations of racist practices in its stores. Didn’t have to wait very long as Mr. Carter released a statement via his Life and Times outlet. But that wasn’t all. He contacted us with an exclusive freestyle broaching the topics at hand. Full lyrics after the jump.

told y’all my presence IS charity
 made a mill off barney’s
 in like half a week
 paparazzi cameras
 can’t capture me
 and i do this activist sh*t
 so all this chatter
 i catch at my peak
 won’t you please leave a message
 after the beep
 i roll dat baby carriage with B
 she my favorite marriage
 only AFTER these STREETS
 how i put them
 alex wangs on her feet
 keep watching my fangs, silly hater
 i’ma BEAST
 where’s Bleek when i need ‘im?
 cast me in a grave
 for seekin’ my freedom
 ask Bleek i don’t feed him
 he the last link to my street
 like Angie

 these racists don’t want me
 in they board room
 Powerpoints n’ charts
 turn it in to a Bored Room
 lemme talk to-em
 don’t they know i booked a G4
 flight i gotta board soon?
 the fact i’m here
 is its own victory
 so 4 u hate on Hov
 know ya history
 y’all missing the point
 like my broken pen
 wasn’t given a choice
 so i’m focused man
 in ’88 i was pitchin grams
 u got 88 pictures
 on Instagram
 u don’t get the picture fam
 lil gnats buzz in my ears
 like Killa Cam
 how i ‘dress the haters
 my plan is to vacate
 beachfront land, my n*gga
 i just make cake
 u salty, i’m sweet
 i swear
 u can’t
 make cake
 so y would i placate?
 u know u love me
 so miss me
 wit the fake hate
 so f*ck it i’ma make cake


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