Cash Money Gets A Little More Corny

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So Birdman really wants to be the hottest/corniest label in the game.  How you gunna have Lil Wayne, Drake, Nicki Minaj as artists, but also have Gay Millz, Lil Chuckee, Gudda Gudda, and now DJ Khaled on the label?  I know Khaled has been successful, but the dude is so lame.  I guess if you are going to spend 2.5 mill on a Bugatti, and buy 900-Karat chains, why not sign the “We The Best” dude.



  1. …and you comments along with posts get worse and more useless day by day. “We the best dude” actually sells records unlike some of the artists that you qualify as “good”. Second, it is a distribution deal, but I won't even get into that because most likely you don't even know what that means.

  2. are you kidding gudda gudda goes hard and so does jae millz .. khaled is whack tho i wont lie but still wtf

  3. dat nigga a genius… he hittin err point on da map to have divere sound different from otha groups…plus he got chukee n da otha lil nigga for da teenagers n youth

  4. besides Drake, wayne, n nikki ( which hit every part of the market in everywhere from hardcore, RnB, commercial, club, n just goofy pure stupidity with the drugs, stupid outfits, ect…) yes they sell and are good.. but the rest of their squad is fucking ASSSS!!! esppecially Tiger or whatever his fag ass is called.the kids thing is smart tho. but WHAT sells isnt always Good! For example look at my fav right now, Trey songz, he aint go double plat or i dont even think he went platinum yet! and that squad couldnt afford to get Swizz Beatz that nigga rite there is wayyyy beyond that squad. that nigga sold over 91 million includin beats, soundtracks, and movie scores. whos fuckin with that? besides Em. jay-z's new shit is asssss by tha of the most pop yes but by record sales, not even close to Em, 50 or dmx, or pac, and the list goes on. People need to look at the big picture and stop lookin at the trends. lil wayne n his squad is a trend that will fade away real quick like everything else. drake and wayne will last the longest out of that squad tho. nikk is jus werido wit a fake ass thats like every other trick that been in tha game, like a jumpoff u get sick of em real fast.

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