Charlamange Tha God Gets Fired

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Radio personality Charlamagne Tha God has been fired from Philadelphia radio station 100.3 The Beat, days after his revealing interview with Beanie Sigel.

The announcement was made by Charlamagne on his twitter on Monday saying:

” I just got fired from 100.3 The Beat in Philly. Salute to Philly I hope you all enjoyed me the past 6 months. @lilduval: to everyone excited bout @cthagod getting fired. it dont matter we on TV wit “hood state of the union” see how GOD work. lmao #cthagodgotfired for being the glitch in the matrix. #cthagodgotfired cause 100.3 The Beat said they want to move in a different direction. God bless them. Thanks for the past 6 months. RT @fuzeb: So @cthagod got fired after the hov interview…reminds me of when Puff got Wendy fired for callin him gay”

He was also previously let go from his co-hosting duties with Wendy Williams on her radio show “The Wendy Williams Experience“. A lot of people are speculating that Jay-Z had something to do with him getting fired, being as how this all happened days after his interview with Beanie Sigel where the two discussed the recent beef between him and Jay.

He did an interview with XXL on Monday after the news and answered questions about the firing, Beanie and Jay. Here’s some exerts: On Twitter you said the station wanted to “go in a different direction.” What exactly happened?

Charlamagne: This morning, right after the show was over, the program director came in and was like, “Yo, can we talk to you.” You know how it goes down; they tell you, “Oh, we love you, we love everything you’ve done for the company but we just moving in a different direction.” No reasoning [behind it], but it’s always like that though. I will never know the real reason, but I can speculate… You think it had something to do with the Beanie Sigel interview last week?
I don’t know, that’s what I’m hearing but I don’t know how true that is. I don’t see why that woulda been an issue. I would hope that the powers that be, like Jay-Z, wouldn’t be that petty. But you never know. What’s your take on what Beans was saying about Jay?
I mean it’s three sides to every story. It’s gonna be Beanie’s side, Jay-Z’s side and the truth. But I really feel what Beans was saying, even though a lot of people will say Beans was a grown man and Jay can’t hold his hand, but what’s the point of giving somebody so much opportunity if you don’t really show them what to do with that opportunity? It’s kinda like when Wendy brought me to New York, they coulda brought me up to New York and just threw me to the wolves but, nah, they guided me every step of the way and still give me guidance. … So you’re done with radio?
The craziest thing is I’ve had four-five job offers in the past four hours—ever since I put it on Twitter. If the right opportunity presents itself I’m definitely gonna jump back in radio. I love doing radio, that’s my thing. I may have gotten fired but my tongue ain’t get cut out my mouth and my voice still works so I’m fine.

Although it may seem that way, it’s being said that the radio station wanted to make certain changes and cuts and he just happened to be a part of those changes. Besides Jay-Z is busy touring the world and making money do you really think he has the time or concern to get some Philly radio DJ fired? I think not.


  1. well, if i could be on his shoe, just like him, i won’t say anything bad at all. besides that is the decision of the company. if ever jay’s got some say on it, he definitely cannot help things out to get him good profile.

  2. why didn’t he asked for any valid reason, at least it won’t let us think it’s jay behind on this. but i know he kinda get going and won’t deal on this much. his talent can let him go further.

  3. how could that happen to charlamange tha god, he is a good dj. but let us not also blame or pinpoint jay z for bringing down charlange in the air. he just did his work and there is no way he could come up with getting one side over the other.

  4. would you allow this to yourself even there is no very valid reason? i guess it would really had something to do with the beanie sigel interview.

  5. he ain’t gonna stuck on that station forever, he needs to grow. it is a good thing that they decided not to keep charlamange, there will be a great opportunity awaits him.

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