Meek Mill & Charlamagne Tha God Sit Down For In-Depth Interview

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Speaking on a variety of issues.

Meek Mill hasn’t lived an easy life. The Philly rapper has experienced trauma no one should be exposed to, and yet, he’s transcended this tortured past to impart change. In an in-depth conversation with Charlamagne Tha God, Meek speaks on everything he’s gone through and what he’s doing to help ensure a better life for the disenfranchised.

With a lot to get off his chest, the two spend about 78-minutes together talking about a host of issues and the steps being taken to right these wrongs. From shedding light on the realities hindering young black men and women in impoverished neighborhoods to the systematic constraints playing en even grander effect, Meek is impassioned about using his platform to help his culture move forward.

Having overcome so much, from poverty to wrongful imprisonment, Meek Mill has managed to convert his previous pain into valuable lessons and guidance. When he’s not making Grammy-worthy music, Meek’s actively fighting the system that compromised his life by partnering with powerful individuals to reform these grave injustices. 

Through it all, Meek’s come out the other side a better person because now, he’s in a position to affect meaningful change.

Watch the full interview below: