Chris Webby Rips Lil Xan in New Diss Track, “Raw Thoughts III”

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Webby holds nothing back as he delivers scathing bars. 

Lil Xan, now known as Diego, hasn’t been having the easiest past several weeks. After slandering Tupac and moving a pedestrian 25k first week album units, the LA-based artist’s credibility has been called into question, as people are beginning–or have been–to wonder what hip-hop utility does Xan serve, and does he even deserve to be here.

Doubling-down on calling out lyricists, Xan recently engaged in a twitter battle with Connecticut rapper, Chris Webby, who isn’t one to take challenges lightly. A skilled wordsmith, Webby took to the mic to use his God-given talents to expose the “Betrayed” rapper.

On “Raw Thoughts III”, Webby issues a near-four-minute verbal blood bath, with his lexical vice around Xan’s neck progressively tightening with each scathing bar. From comparing him to a lesbian to questioning what he’ll look like in 20-years with his face tattoos, Webby leaves no stone unturned with verbally accosting Xan. Given Xan’s limited lyrical ability, he’s probably best off not continuing this beef–with music, at least.

Check out Chris Webby’s Lil Xan diss, “Raw Thoughts III”, below: