iHipHop Exclusive Interview: Combat Jack Meets XV

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I had been hearing about this kid XV, a rapper from Wichita, Kansas, via the Internets. Especially because of his 40 Days & 40 Nights series and resulting mixtape. I then linked up with dude on Twitter where we found out about our similar interests in video games and comic books. A couple of weeks ago, XV made his first visit to Brooklyn, New York and it was only right that we met at Bergen Street Comics, only the effin best ever comic book shop in ALL of BK. XV was able to tells me about his history, his hustle game, the meaning of him being a ‘Legacy’, and of course, wtf is up with him being dubbed ‘The Kid With The Green Backpack’.

Being the young talent that he is, I then asked him how he felt about XXL’s “Freshmen 10 List (2010)”, and why he wasn’t included. XV gave a dope answer.

I’ma be sure to keep an eye out for this young spitter, as you should.

Props to the homie Dara from Sub Con Threads!


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