Dallas Penn: Game Gets His Grown And Sexy On…

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I’m giving Game credit this time for rolling out the news of his new album with a press release as opposed to an arrest report. But I suppose when you have the monthly expense nut to cover that he has you need to rethink how much money you are giving to these lawyers. We’re in to witness a kinder, gentler Game now that the rap music prodigal son has been returned to the father that spurned him when he was ranting recklessly.

Game is still reckless tho’. At least when it comes to name-dropping. And this time he’s talking about all the producers who have contributed to his latest project: R.E.D. There’s Dr.Dre (natch), along with Cool and Dre, Pharrell from the Neptunes and even RZA from Wu-Tang. Game even sounded slightly butthurt that DJ Premier wasn’t available to lend a track to his project because he was working with Cristina Aguilera. You gotta love that Game lets pop music star’s names fly from his mouth as fast as he does rappers.

I’m anxious to hear Game’s new take on his life. If Game is nothing else he is entertaining, because he is passionate about rapping.