Dame Dash Speaks On Jay-Z & Beanie

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Dame Dash did an interview with MTV and is spoke about the recent controversial beef between his former business partners and friends. In his recent Power 99 interview, Beanie accuses Dame of going behind his back and being shady in their business deals when the two were producing the State Property Pro-Keds sneaker line. When listening to Beanie on the radio, Dame was shocked and says:

“I was surprised. I was hurt for him, more or less, because I know that ain’t him, but I don’t want to speak on that. Whatever [Beanie’s] going through where he’s got to do that … I could understand where he may look at things and feel that way. I can see that. He’s probably got a lot of people around him and nobody to really tell him what’s going on. It was a different environment for Roc-A-Fella back then. I feel bad for those cats. I love those cats. I hate that they struggle. I hate it. I hate to see anybody struggle. I don’t embrace that. I’m not one of those dudes that get happy when I hear something bad about somebody I had a bond with. I really loved those dudes. You see Ski down there, I knew Ski for 20 years. That’s my man. Sometimes people have different agendas for why they don’t wanna be my friend. But at the end of the day, I’m always there for them.”

Despite all of Beanie’s accusations, Dame isn’t trying to contribute to the beef and doesn’t see any reason for the back and forth non sense. Dame says:

“I love Jay, I love Beans — what’s the reason for beef? That’s stupid. What’s the reason for beef? People die, people don’t feel good — I want people to laugh. What’s up, y’all?”

Dame’s making a smart move by staying out of this one and I think Jay’s going to do the same by not responding to the song. This whole thing is going to blow over soon and at the end of the day Jay will still be rich and successful and Beanie will still be mad it’s not him.




  1. are they just trying to build their careers? is this something that we don’t have to take it seriously because maybe this is just some kind of frank? maybe they are just making some noise to make themselves always at the hot seat of paparazzi.

  2. hope they will find time to sit of the discussion and tackle it without paparazzis involve because it would only worsen the situation.

  3. oooh, bad for beanie. maybe he was trying to tell that everyone around him is his enemy, damn he is out of his mind. the issue is concerning jay and him, and how this could go for another issue with dame?

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