Did Plies Get Dropped From Atlantic Records?

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Did he?  I hit Atlantic a week back to clarify weather or not Piles aka Algernod Washington was still an active member of their roster.  I got no response.  I’m not even reading much into the no response part.  What I am reading into are the little things.  You see Atlantic is very good at controlling their commodities. They are very much interested in monetizing their artists.  Look how they turned your boy Wiz Khalifa into the 2011 version of Nelly/Flo Rida.  That happened for a reason.  Too make money.  Why do you think Lupe was so mad with his recent album?  Because Atlantic made him make a composition that would sell!  Atlantic ain’t in the business of pleasing people like me…That’s for sure!

So when one of Atlantic’s artists starts dropping mixtapes like it’s nobodies business it raises some red flags.  Mainly, why aren’t they attempting to monetize the music Plies is making?  They have an exclusive recording contract with the guy.  He has produced numerous hit records for Atlantic in the past.  Why is Plies just sitting there?  Why is Plies trying to pop off some chick rapping about how her “P*ssy Be Yakin!“.  It has to be for a reason.  He either 1) Got dropped from the label or 2) Is no longer a priority for the label and is just sitting on the self.  Either one of those options are not a good look for Algernod.  However, maybe it’s Plies own fault for letting people in the industry realize he isn’t really built like that.  I guess we just have to sit and wait until someone with authority lets us know what’s really up.

Sidebar:  As far as life goes this guy is definitely winning though.  He has a diamond encrusted Iron, and I definitely don’t.


  1. so many spelling and grammar mistakes in this that its sad to read. Do you rush when you write these things?

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