Drunk Idiots Break Into 50 Cent’s Mansion…

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TMZ reports that two men were arrested after breaking into 50 Cent’s Farmington, Connecticut mansion.  The estate previously owned by Mike Tyson attracted two burglars who were spotted by 50’s security guards around 6 AM this morning.  Police found Santos Padilla immediately, but had trouble locating his accomplice, Alexander Hernandez.  The cops eventually found Hernandez guzzling a bottle of Curtis’ wine in one of the many closets of 50’s home.  Both men were in possession of marijuana and held on $50,000 bond after being apprehended by New Britain police.


As of now, there is no motivation for crime, but the clown with the fro below must be smiling for a reason.  Maybe he found something interesting in Boo Boo’s crib such as a 50/Chelsea Handler sex tape.  I still don’t understand how these schmucks didn’t avoid the fuzz and escape when they had 52 ROOMS to hide in, and/or more windows to jump out.   50 Cent’s mansion is currently on the market for over 10 million dollars.



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