Frank Ocean Delivers Surprise Track, “Provider”

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Frank Ocean returns.

2017 has been an enigmatic year for industry stalwart, Frank Ocean. After going on nearly a five-year hiatus in-between Channel Orange and Endless and Blonde, the soulful, generational voice has been relatively busy this year behind the microphone. So far in 2017, we’ve received four singles from Ocean, which all harbor unique qualities that help comprise his intriguing styling.  As of late last night, we can add one more single to the mix, “Provider”.

Spaced-out trap-like instrumentals usher in Franks’s conventional airy delivery, which discusses various scenarios of a provider—both from perspective and context. He begins by discussing what he provides his close friend, Memo, and their intimate relationship—plausibly hinting at something deeper than friendship. This sentiment transitions into a more existential  view of what and who a “provider” is, and the role they play in his life—the feelings someone provides Frank, and how they resonate with him. “Provider” culminates in a future-thinking Frank, contemplating having children to provide for, to care for, to love for.

It’s Frank in his best form: natural, honest, and vulnerable. Pepper in some very Frank-like references, Stanley Kubrick and Goku get shouted out, and we have the ingredients for a great Frank track.

Stream Frank Ocean’s fifth 2017 single below: