Game Calls Out Shyne For Criticizing Kendrick’s LP

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In an interview with MTV (click ‘more’ to watch), Game expressed that he thinks Shyne should back off and let Kendrick Lamar breathe. The former Bad Boy rapper recently took to twitter, claiming that Kendrick’s highly-praised good kid, m.A.A.d city is “trash.” Game, who was once in Kendrick’s shoes as a Dr. Dre protege,  recently called out Shyne for attacking K.Dot who he claims to be non-confrontational. Game also talks about reaching out to Shyne earlier in his career as he legitimately looked up to him. It’s safe to say that this isn’t the case anymore.

Shyne recently responded to Game’s comments expressing that he is “disappointed” in him, someone he considered “his son:”

“Everybody’s gassing [Kendrick], and his album is where everybody’s gassing him where my son, my student, The Game, I threw weapons to this zombie. I gave him life. I remember when I was in Clinton and [he] was calling me, begging me for the co-sign, begging me to get on the album. And proof. I’m not no new jack. Proof. For the last 12 years, he’s been screaming Shyne. That’s my son. Literally. My son. For him to get all emotional and start crying like a chick, I don’t really get it, you dig? I don’t really get it. I said how I felt and ain’t no disrespect.”

Shyne is thirsty, we all know it. He hasn’t put out anything of good quality in years not to mention this dude got deported from the United States. He’s trolling the game and we need to “back off” and “let him breathe” too because it simply isn’t worth anyone’s time to listen to what this guy has to say anymore. I can respect Game for stepping up for his homie. Kendrick and Game have more in common than most rappers these days but that doesn’t mean Game doesn’t have some selfish intentions as well. Game’s fifth studio album “Jesus Piece” is set to drop later this year and Game has often ended his anti-Shyne tweets with “#JesusPiece”. Talk about shameless self-promotion on both parties’ parts.