Game Claims He Almost Started Super Group With Rick Ross & Beanie Sigel

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I mean this is coming from someone who describes himself as being bi-polar.  This is one of those ideas that Game probably brought up in the studio and while Rick Ross smiled and co signed the idea while saying bawse over and over again there is no way he was ever going to agree to this.  According to XXL:

Me, Rick Ross and Beanie Sigel [were going to call ourselves] ‘ESPN (Everyday Stacking Paper Niggas),’  That’s what it is. We entertained doing a group before, but then Rick Ross went crazy with the Maybach Music Group and he signed Meek Mill and all of them. So that reality didn’t come to pass. But that’s where it was when we did ‘Heavy Artillery.’ If you can imagine an album with us three.

Game ft Rick Ross & Beanie Sigel “Heavy Artillery”



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