Gatorade Honors Mike With Street Art…

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The most celebrated sports drink in the whole entire galaxy, Gatorade decided to honor one of their all-time top endorsers in none other than Michael Jordan (AKA the greatest EVER!), by capturing his image with Gatorade bottles (of course).

The street art tribute to Michael Jordan made out of 19,000 Gatorade bottles, including the new Gatorade Limited Edition Jordan Series, glows on a basketball court Monday on Chicago’s South Side.

Local Jordan fans and longtime Jordan teammate Scottie Pippen helped construct the mosaic, which Gatorade organized as a way to celebrate Jordan’s Hall of Fame career.





  1. Scottie Pippen, WOW! also was one of the greatest player that ever lived…they just never give him as much props. Fuck, Jordan even said Pippen was the best (when they were both still playing).

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