Was Ginuwine Really Caught Creeping With A Becky…

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These pics are reportedly from a club in LA over the weekend, various media sources were claiming these were pics of Ginuwine creeping with with a voluptuous Becky. Ginuwine is married to singer SOLE but trust me that is def not SOLE. I had to get to the bottom of this, so I found out from video vixen and ihiphop model chick Drea Dominique that this was just actually from a recent video shoot for a song called Drink of choice and that is actually just his lead. .


  1. FALSE! This is at his Drink of choice shoot. I'm in the video. That girl is one of the leads. This was shot in Long Island a week ago!

  2. This is shot in a club in Long Island..
    These are all models brought by an agency..
    Ginuwine is clear.. Not saying that he didn't enjoy himself though!

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