Wiz Khalifa: Good Look Or Bad Look?

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I feel like as of late I hate been a little harsh on Wiz.  I’m definitely a music snob, and have a tendency to be pessimistic.  I think I may just be one of the music people who doesn’t like when things become too bubble gum.  Wiz had an opportunity to take his cult fan base mainstream.  And he has done it very successfully.  I can’t be mad at him for that.  I was just a fan of the indie rock/electro rap Wiz.  And now he has become more of a Stargate/Lex Luger type of guy.  It’s not me, but I can’t say that moves like that are bad.

I’m mainly just worried about his brand.  The corny yellow patch in his hair.  Him publically mugging it up with basic b*tches, and chicks that have a knack for conquering notable penis.  He is acting a little bit more like Ed Hardy than Louie Vuitton to make the brand analogy.

I hope I’m wrong.  I think Wiz represents the cultural change that is happening in hip-hop.  People told him what he was doing couldn’t work and it did.  Instead of panicking Wiz and his team believed in what he was doing and it prevailed. I love that underdog mentality.  Wiz just needs to remember that in a lot of peoples minds he is just the “Black & Yellow” guy.  It takes precise moves to go from a successful artist to a perennial one.

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