How Eminem’s “Rap God” Destroyed Your Life (Full Lyrics)

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Clears Up The Mystery Of MMLP 2

this is not to say that the entire album will be good. that is most definitely a tenuous proposition given the quality of the first two singles “Berzerk” and “Survival.” BUT, this “Rap God” is a special treasure that will exist beyond this album’s shelf life. this is the kind of song that em fans will cite in the bibliography of the book The Only Rapper Who Ever Lived, a posthumous memoir that will confine the legacy of rap music to eminem’s birth and death dates when it is released in the year 2040. the robots will only certify ten-time platinum selling albums in their spotty records of human art, and nelly’s family will continue to collect checks, while jay z will be known in history’s pages as the product spokesperson who married beyoncé.

this song almost makes me want to go back into the marshall mathers catalog to find a few songs i could dance to even though i know they don’t exist. this is his ode to flow and to percussion, and his final statement that it is his voice that will be remembered more than any of the tunes themselves.

thanks to dave chappelle, i still laugh at the the “mom’s spaghetti” line from “Lose Yourself.” it is stuck in a time capsule, a container devoid of beats. that is where it belongs.


  1. If you’re saying that Slim Shady should just stick to rapping, then I agree with you 100% on that. He should really focus on what he does best.

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