How Eminem’s “Rap God” Destroyed Your Life (Full Lyrics)

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Tongue In Cheek

i wish eminem would hang out with Son Of Baldwin or start reading june jordan in his free time. in my wishful thinking, marshall mathers transcends his White Trash Default Mode, and tries hard to understand how harmful his homophobia and misogyny is in total.

the remaining hope i hold out now is that hailie jade starts dating a stud black lesbian woman in her 30s. it would be priceless to see those family dinners, and the mathers inner struggle at having to face the groups he disparaged both casually and maliciously on his way to super-fame.

but that won’t happen. eminem has probably confronted his privilege to the extent that he will, and any groups who have felt his abject scorn, his lashing lyrics, his violent vitriol…will have to suffer in relative silence when a song like “Rap God” drops. the one surprising moment of this song is when he acknowledges that it is a struggle for him to get past his ‘women hate’ and then begs for empathy.

i can’t knock that simply because, for the first time, it seems like eminem is not just self-conscious, but also aware of the effect his music has on others. tragically, the first woman he encountered and his long-time caretaker was already destroyed by the time he arrived on the planet. his mother is a drug abuser, an erratic compulsive liar, and one of the most toxic characters in his life. rather than reconcile that trauma, he’s used it to fuel his art. but that anger has eaten away at him for so long that, he may be considering what it means now, at 40, to let go of the animosity he has toward her.

em couches all of this in language about ‘struggle’ and ‘doing good.’ he packs it in the bars between saying f*ggot and ‘battering women’ like cake. it’s truly troubled, dualistic, diseased.

it’s also human.

so much for his God claim.



  1. If you’re saying that Slim Shady should just stick to rapping, then I agree with you 100% on that. He should really focus on what he does best.

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