How Eminem’s “Rap God” Destroyed Your Life (Full Lyrics)

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Timely Arrival Of Lyrics Prior To Kendrick Lamar’s BET Freestyle

k. dot, the word of the day over at Aftermath, was miley cyrus-level feeling himself all year. with good reason, too. he has a platinum album under his belt (his first), a brewing feud with the other relevant big-name rap star, and the world’s attention. but this particular song by eminem is a warning shot to Mr. Police Academy 2 Sound FX.

like a kindergartener playing his third game of checkers, kendrick was quick to shout “KING ME!” after his first series of shrewd moves. however, this rap game, as we’ve heard a bajillion times, is chess not checkers. it’s also the only place outside of the Klan where the title Grandmaster still applies, further proving its loyalty to chess-like genetics. kendrick lamar’s lyrical prowess, i posit, still leaves something to be desired. his wordplay is wanting. his lyricism lollygags. his verbosity veers. in other words, there is still room for him to improve on his skills, and he will need to do so in order to enter rap’s top tier.

eminem, as aforementioned, appreciates the implicit boldness of claiming to be one of rap’s best of all time before hitting the 30 mark. he did that in 2002, so he’s no stranger to the Premature Immaculate stance kendrick is taking. all the same, he’s reminding kendrick that the sensei is in the dojo and will wage war, whether or not he’s been waging wars in the past few years. the swords are sharp; the candles are lit; the eye is watching.


  1. If you’re saying that Slim Shady should just stick to rapping, then I agree with you 100% on that. He should really focus on what he does best.

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