iHipHop and Friends @ 2011 SXSW (Pictures)

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  1. How many months ago was SXSW?  Do you think anyone cares about this shit now.  iHipHop you guys are clowns.

  2. Didn't have this picture click through element of site until now.  So that explains the delay.  What can't be explained is if this is so irrelevant why did you take time out of your day to click on the post and then provide commentary on the post?  You need more people.  We don't believe you.

  3. Sam, we don't believe that anyone on the business side or the consumer side really gives shit about iHipHop/iHipHop Distribution. 
    I check this site to continue to reinforce my belief that the music industry is dying because of people like you and the site you work continuing to support music that is not only ignorant, but generally poor from a musical perspective.  You talk about “movements” and who has “swag.”  The only movement your a part of is the movement of Bullshit from you lips and the shit from your ass.  And as far as “swag” goes, that word was played out when it came out 3 years ago. 

    And as far as the click through element being the basis for this post….All you've done is bite this style of photo gallery from thousands of other sites.  Another example of how iHipHop is not original in content or composition.  Stop pretending your on the cusp of anything when all you're doing is treading water hoping not to drown like every other hip-hop site out there.

  4. I Fuck W/ this site Heavy. Pump Some more NY Artist Though… Melo X, Das Racist, Chaz Van Queen, etc..

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