iHipHop Exclusive Interview: David Banner Discusses His Hustles, People Hating On Him & Staying Away From The Liquor & Weed (Part 2)

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In part two of my interview with David Banner he discusses the downsides of being a successful artist.  How it’s difficult for average people to comprehend what he goes through on the day to day.  A specific story of him winning a Grammy , but having no one to share it with comes to mind.

Banner also informs us that he had to give up smoking weed, and cut back on the drinking because he “has to much business to run”.  He runs an advertising company, a production company, and he also has his music and film careers to handle.  Banner claims that this can lead to misguided hate, and that people need to help themselves before anyone else can help them.  Finally be sure to check out Part 1 of my interview.

Also be sure to scope his video for “Slow Down” off his Death Of A Pop Star project with 9th Wonder.




  1. we as HIP HOP lovers should promote ppl like this who give back and have converted to more positive ways n expressin themselves and tryin to have a positive affect on the youth today verses the ones who dnt give a fuck…food for thought

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