Irv Gotti Confirms New Kanye Single Is Dropping Soon

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But where’s Yandhi at?

Kanye’s Yandhi rollout has been a convoluted journey thus far to say the least. Going from realistic anticipation to wishful thinking, all the way to fable status, much like Dre’s Detox, Yandhi has suffered from countless delays in light of Kanye’s ongoing artistic and personal introspection; a path fraught with uncertainty, but whose unpredictability ironically fuels Ye’s musical transcendence.

Announced in September ‘18, on the heels of Ye’s summer production onslaught, it was plausible to think that Kanye’s fervent work ethic and musical ambition — the same one that birthed Pusha T’s Grammy-nominated Daytona — would bleed into another impressive body of work. However, these countless delays have, rightfully so, incited fan frustration and skepticism. Is it real? Will it happen?

Luckily, we’ve received a necessary injection of reassurance: in his Breakfast Club interview yesterday, Irv Gotti informed — ergh, sort of — the lovable morning hosts that the first official Yandhi single will be dropping imminently.

Promoting his BET show TALES, a program that takes existing songs and turns them into movies, Gotti mentioned how the premiere episode will feature a song from a “huge, huge artist.” He continued by describing this mysterious artist as “Controversial! The biggest, hugest artist who’s been the most controversial in the last year.” Ja Rule, who was also a guest on the interview show, confirmed that the artist is from the Midwest.

DJ Envy then chimed in, saying, “Okay, Kanye West is gonna be on the season premiere of TALES,” to which Gotti replied, “I didn’t say it! But let’s say it right. He’s not acting in it, but maybe I have a song … Envy is a fucking genius!”

It looks like on July 2nd, we’ll finally receive our first taste of Yandhi. And hopefully, that is only the initial bursting of the dam that is Kanye West’s musical abyss.

Watch the full interview below: