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I did say this the other week that our girl Beyonce who has obviously had her ass kicked as of late by Bajan beauty Rhianna, appears to be trying to combine her style and Rih Rih’s and failing dismally. This is a shot of Beyonce as she hit my country yesterday to perform at the European MTV awards and below are a few more shots of Sasha Fierce in action at Liverpool where she performed alongside the likes of Kanye and Estelle.
Rhianna unfortunately was not in the UK, she was throwing up on some stage down in Australia where her boo was ready to jump in and save the day. Perhaps her and Janet Jackson are suffering from the same illness.


  1. I dont understand how beyonce who is a fashion Icon and is known for it can in anyway be compared to a prepackedged rihannawhos whole image was created based on beyonce’s style by um Jigga who just happens to be an expert on Beyonce. Your comments about B baffle me.

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